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Rocket Launcher Rod Holders

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I want to put roof top rod holders/ Rocket launcher on my MayCraft 2550. Any body got an idea where I can get some?

Also is a thru hull tilted element transducer any better then a transom mount?
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Southern MD, Saint Inigoes, just North of Point Lookout. I found some online that I can order and bolt on, wondering if anyone in Southern MD could custom install some.

I have a transom mounted 'ducer, and have always used them on prior boats. Just curious if a thru hull performed any better as far as details, arches etc. No intention on drilling a hole thru my boat if not necessary. Transom mount is working fine. Thanks.
awesome. 234 is near me. I will check with Coffee Hill Welding, from the thread you provided. Much appreciated. :thumbup:
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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