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Rockfish Saturday and Sunday

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We spent a cold and windy weekend looking for rockfish. Saturday, we ran up the coast 40 NM from Rudee Inlet. Water temperatures did go up after we got past the mouth of the bay. There were a lot of birds up there. We caught one, little striper. We were at Hog Island which is the area of a good bite this week and I think some other boats up there did better than we did. Charles Southall was down at Coralla. They had a lot of birds and bait but they did not catch a fish. On Sunday, we started to head down south towards that bait, stopping and looking around along the way. At False Cape, we found some fish marks on the fish finder. No birds or bait. It was hard to stay on them without bird help. Small pods of fish moving around. We just trolled around and tried to stay on them when we would stumble across a little school. We had about a dozen bites and caught 8 fish. The largest fish was 45.5 inches long. It was caught by 16-year-old, Christian Conover, who released the fish after photographs. This was Christian's largest rockfish to date and his first rockfish citation.

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Congrats to the junior angler! Way to find the fish for your crew Ken! You always do......
It was just luck this time. No birds or bait. Just happen to see a little pod of fish on the fish finder one of the times we slowed down and we worked that area.
You were one of the few, we went 72.3 miles Sat from north to south and got the big ole skunker, it was as bleak as I have ever seen it, very little bait, small pockets of fish here and there right on the bottom with way to cold water temps, if the temps don't come up to 40 degrees I'm cancelling this sat trip
I spoke to two charter boat captains at Rudee this weekend. They said the same thing. It is cold and slow in next to the beach. Days are getting longer, hopefully that will help warm things up and move some fish in.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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