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When I went to bed early Mon night the forecast was still NW 5-10, but met with N 15-20 when we launched at 6 AM at PLO. Slogged our way across to the channel near the target ship to start. Was sport just setting out the planers and the lines with the boat pitching and rolling. With five of nine lines in (WTFB and four planer rods) we got our first bite on the white tandem at 0720 and boated a 38 inch 26 lb beauty. Skunk off for the fall !!!

After setting the rest of the lines, one of my guests goes to his cooler for a bite and some liquid, and when the top of the small cooler comes off, there sits a banana on top of the food and drinks !!! YGTBSM !! This guy is no novice, owns a 32 ft Sportfishing boat, how could this be. So he blames his wife for slipping that in there without his knowledge. From now on his nickname is "banana boy". Well, it went overboard without being eaten after a couple minutes of harassment, maybe that will lessen the revenge of the fish gods.

We went 3.5 hours without another bite. not that the rest of the fleet out there was setting the world on fire, although we did hear of the 52 inch monster being caught and a few boats having success. Most of the others had not scored or had just a few touches and one or two in the box. Anyway, at around 11 AM when the current had slowed to a crawl, there was a flurry of activity for us and we put two fish in the box right around the under/over length (one 28 inches and the other 27.5 with a pink tag on it). Then we got another good one to bite the white long umbrella and landed a 39 inch 28 lb rock. By then it was noon and we were ready to reel them in and get a break from the rough seas. It started to let up on the winds as we were reeling them in (it figures), and by the time we got to PLO it was blowing about N 8-10 mph. I was really happy with getting those two quality fish, they had a load of sea lice on them. The two smaller fish were fat and healthy.

In summary, the best catching depth for us was from 53-70 ft on the western side of the channel. We got one on the tandems, the other three on white umbrellas. It was a tough day, but it was worth it.

LO :rockon:
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