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Managed to get the boat out on Rocky Gorge yesterday evening, surface temperature ranged from 69-71 degrees. We fished from about 6pm-9pm, and managed 4 largemouth, no size. We trolled from Scott's Cove to just above the 29 bridge, hoping for a rockfish, but no takers. Tried crankbaits, buzzbaits, carolina rigged lizards, hard and soft jerkbaits. First fish was about 6 inches, but he smacked the heck out of a white leverage buzzbait in a small pocket on the main lake. Next came on another white leverage buzzbait, on a very small rock point on the main lake. Third was a decent fish, 14 inches or so, on a lucky craft pointer jerkbait. That was on a point going into a cove on the main lake. Fish hit in 10' or so on the pause. Last fish was 12" and hit a white buzzbait again, on the main lake.

With the water temps the way they are, I guess some of the bass are spawning and some are post-spawn, but I don't know for sure. I didn't see any bass in the shallows, but the water wasn't a little stained. Another boat out there said they had seen a lot, but they couldn't get them to hit anything.

We did see a pike or musky, couldn't tell which, it was under a tree on top of a log. Tried to get it to hit a soft jerkbait, but didn't even look at it. Threw the lucky craft at it, but that scared it off.

Not a bad evening on the reservoir, and the weather was perfect.

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