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Left Scott's Cove around 1:30, surface temp around 58.5 degrees, and trolled past the bridge with various cranks and an small umbrella rig. No takers. Tried fishing main lake points in the 0-10ft range, no takers. Moved inside a cove to get out of the wind and managed one small largemouth from a laydown on a smoke colored grub & jighead. Moved back out to the main lake to try a little deeper. Marked some fish in 20', hooked one good sized bass which through the hook at the surface, on the grub again. Caught another small on in the same spot on a nightcrawler. Tried to find some more marks on the main lake, but did not find any. Moved back into some big coves loaded with laydowns. Caught a nice 3lber just inside the mouth of the cove on the same grub again. Hooked another nice one on a storm curltail swimbait in shad color in the back of the cove from a tree. It threw the hook though. Caught another one, around 2lbs, between a floating log and shore. Caught one more in the biggest cove on the grub, but didn't catch another until we were getting ready to got. It was about 14 inches, and was fat. Caught it on a bomber crankbait. Second cove to the right of Scotts Cove.

The pattern for the day that produced best for us was to fish laydowns inside the coves. The beavers have been very busy, so there is plenty of wood to fish. And the water level is way up, so there is a lot of overhanging trees and shoreline brush. The fish would typically hit tight to the cover. They would pick it up slowly, so it was tough to tell if it was a fish, or just some sticks or a log.

It was a cold, windy day but still better than being at work.

I'll try to post a couple pictures later.
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