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My brother and I met at the ramp at Scott's Cove at 5am. We were suprisingly the first boat in the water. We didn't have too much time today, and with the increased fishing pressure this weekend, we decided to get far away from the ramp before fishing. We ran up above the 29 bridge and began pounding shoreline cover with buzzbaits at around 6. This is our normal routine. We do pretty well normally, and it doesn't get much better than watching bass slam buzzbaits. Today was pretty slow, but we caught some decent fish. We caught 3 LM on white 1/2 oz Leverage's, and one more on a Spit'n Image. Smallest fish was about 14", biggest was about 3lbs off a shallow point in a cove. Bottom of it's tail was red, so it looked like it had finished spawning recently.

We stopped around 8:30 and limped back to the ramp on depleted batteries at about half speed. We trolled a Storm and some crankbaits the whole way back to the ramp, but there were no takers. As we got closer to the ramp, we dodged all the other boats that were just getting out on the water. I hope they had a good time fighting each other off and sweating during the heat of the day.

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