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Thanks to all the men and women who have served to make and keep this country free.

Put in around 5:15 at Scott's Cove and trolled to the bridge using various crankbaits, going about 2.5mph. No takers. Fished topwater along the northern shoreline for a few hours. Caught 3 good largemouth. First was about 3lbs. Second was a quick release at the side of the boat(can't keep them anyway, right?)[grin] Next one was on a mainlake point, going 5lbs easily. It was very fat, and looked like maybe it hadn't spawned yet. This seems awfully late for that, but it has been a cool spring. All three were caught on a 1/2 oz Leverage buzzbait in white, and all caught before 8:30am. Once the sun got a little higher, we only had a few misses, except for one 5 or 6 incher caught on a firetiger crankbait off a laydown on the main lake. We trolled back in with another good assortment of cranks, but no takers this time either. As we got back to Scott's Cove, there were boats everywhere, and we were glad we got out early. Back to the ramp around 11am.

Overall it was a slow morning, but the size of the fish made up for it. We fished with a Zulu, Spitn Image, broken back Rapala, plastic worm, and a small Bomber shallow running crankbait. I had one stare at the Zulu for a little while, but it would not hit.

Sorry there are no pictures, my father brought his Nikon, which isn't digital. I could post some pictures from previous trips, but that might not be a good idea!!
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