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Rods and Reels needed for the USACE Fishing Tackle Loaner Program

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I received an email from Chris Powell with the USACE. He informed me that the Fishing Tackle Loaner Program was a huge success last year especially on the VA side of the lake. They are faced with the issue this year of a lack of working reels. They have asked for our help. Last year Buffalo had to be turned down as a loaner site due to the lack of reels and such. This is a shame since the children that visit Buffalo Park will no longer be able to borrow equipment. They are the future of our sport and I would like to encourage you to donate any reels you may have to the cause. This program plays a huge part in the introduction of the sport to children. They are asking for simple closed face reels but also say at this point they will take anything. If you have any reels you would like to donate please let me know. We will make arrangements to get them to Chris so they will be ready for the upcoming season. This program is made possible by the USACE with the help of BISC and FLW. Now is the time for all good fishermen to come to the aid of the children who are the future of our sport. Let's help someone else today catch a fish tomorrow. Thanks to all!


If you would like more information on the Fishing Tackle loaner program click on the link below.
Fishing Tackle Loaner Program
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I've got an old Snoopy and a Barney rod the kids outgrew and a few closed-faced I'd be glad to donate(the Barbie with matching tacklbox is out of the question). Could we have a collection drive at the next club meeting or tourney? I'll be camping at Occoneechee the weekend of the tourney so I'd be glad to take a load to Buffalo. Maybe each rod donated could go toward Angler of the Year bonus points.....
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