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Launched at Sandy Point 8:30 am Friday with friend Ronnie , Del , and his girl friend Heather. Small craft was posted south 10-15 with gusts to 20. Fishable weather just lumpy. Ran SSE - cussing myself for forgetting to fuel up. Boat is at about 1/4 tank - 50 gallons , more than enough for the day but I would have like the extra weight of full tank. Boat rides much better full.

Run SSE was not bad - 27 knots with trim tabs down some. Plan was to run to near 84 marker and then troll north with wind. Current would be incoming - this made waves more swell than chop. We got near 84 and put planer over. One center console was NW of us - other than that no one else out.

Normal PSCR spread - five tandems off board and Tony #21 off corner.

We agreed Heather would reel in first fish. We got lines set and five minutes later heard ZZZZZZZ - oh yeah. Fish hit line closest to board. I keep my drags tight - knew it was a nice fish. Heather did OK job as fish fought her back.

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Del coached her as Ronnie and I moved other rods out one position on board. Fish slowly came up - reached over side and hoisted the big fish up. Heather was thrilled.

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Had a hit about 30 minutes later but no hook up. Current was carrying us north fast - already up at Bloody Point. Decided to U turn - it was OK going into waves but SOG was only 1.7 knots. We checked lines and a few had jellyfish. No hits going south - might have been boat lurching at times in the waves. Swung east and then started a NNE / NNW kinda zig zag. Got hit off board and Ronnie reeled in a nice fish.

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Dripping sea lice plus had a small Lamprey on it. Wind had dropped off a touch and I could troll more east / west as current carried boat north. Had another hit but no hook up. Checked lures about every hour - most has some jellyfish. Resetting lines - one got hit going down board , Del reeled in a good one.

May be an image of 2 people and body of water

Wind started to increase again as light drizzle started. Felt like Rockfish weather - lol. Few Gannets were flying around. Ronnie jumped up and was pointing off side - there were two or three porpoise. We saw them surface twice - 100% sure but not believing what we saw. Odd for them to be in upper bay this early.

It was about 2:00 - agreed to fish until 3:00. Checked lures one more time and was trolling east when planer board started to go slack. Gust of wind had pushed boat towards board. I increased speed a kiss to pull it tight - the gust now steady wind at about 20 knots. White caps were forming - time to reel lines in - but slowly. No last minute hit but we tried.

Racked rods and idled south of board - then let wind push boat to board. Much easier and safer to pull it in this way. Ran back as wind really was howling. Managed to catch a few nice ones - overall a fun day.
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