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We spent about 5 hours on the bay today. The first 4 1/2 were a total waste of time. Trolled south of TPL and along the eastern shore with no success. Wind and waves were crazy and we were taking a beating so after 4 hours we'd had enough. We decided to call is quits and headed back to the South River. We get right at the mouth of the river and the birds were going nuts. We decided to toss out a couple of chartreuse BKDs and see what would happen. In less then 30 minutes we pulled in these 4 little puppies. We caught a 19", 20", 27", and 28 1/2" then headed on home. It was a rough day but at least it ended well.

Today's catch

The chef frying them up!

Eating our catch!
...and of course the best part is eating them! Nothing like fresh fish.
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