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Round two - search for prop

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Went back last evening to look for lost 24 inch prop. Captain came by boat - using his GPS trail to drop a marker jug. It was about 100 feet from area I searched on Monday - showing how going by memory can be off.

Went down and began a slow search in 18 inch increments. Bottom was silty but firm so I could search by brushing hand lightly across bottom.

15 minutes in - felt metal and cup of prop blade - yes. Soon felt the hub - this was a small prop , damn. Lifted it from bottom - it was heavy , stainless steel. Put lift bag on it and took it up. Captain shaking his head that once again I found a prop - but not his prop.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

Back down and once out about 20 feet - came up. Not sense wasting time close to either side - prop was lost more / less in center of the channel. Moved weighted jug line about 35 feet and went down again. Few old bottles , plastic cups , but no prop.

Put on a fresh tank and moved jug again. Where the hell is this big prop ? Searched out the circle - then tried a few long searches in a straight - sorta line. Finally gave up as 2nd tank was low and getting a bit chilled. Had been under over 2 hours.

Swimming back to the dock ladder - removed my gloves and my $$$ dive light slipped off my wrist. Oh no.

I spun and went after it but no luck. Tank was at 400 psi - luckily only about 9 feet of water. The guys handed me the pipe I use as center point and I dropped down to search bottom.

Took a few minutes but luckily found it. Loaded up truck as sun was dropping. Captain is going to have to buy a new prop - no way to search this area again for a while due to boat traffic.

Might try again in the fall - sucks since narrowed down to a 30 feet x maybe 250 feet area.
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You'll get rich selling props before you find his!!! It's like he's the Prop Fairy or something!!! You're 2 for 2 looking for props anyway!!!
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