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So i went out to Rudee inlet on Saterday Morning, 8-ish. It was my first time there, and i managed to find my way to the mouth, and wet some squid strips around the rock island. I coulndt keep my line down as i was bringing up a croaker every minute for at least an hour. All small, but really fun. 3 small flounder under 15" and 2 stupid stingrays..(what is the deal with me and stingrays?!!) I also got 2 new species (i love adding new species to my "caught list"!!!), one with purpelish sides and 2 large canine teethon upper jaw, that I think is a weakfish, and a dozen small silver, hand-sized fish that appeared to me like a perch...(large suspended school on the FF) shad maybe? I left with fish biting to finish my "honey-do's around 12:30...taking my time exploring the way back with my FF. [grin]
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