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All right Gentleman (and ladies). Who is in for Saturday? Team Ham Wallet is officially in!! My vote is for biggest Bluefish for the open catagory since there are so many around right now?


Date: Saturday, October 18th
Type: One Day; Bring fish or photo to weigh-in
Location: Severn River, only (see Demarcation Line, below)
Entry Fee: $10 / person
1. Single Longest Rockfish: 50%
2. Single Longest White Perch: 20%
3. Open (by vote): 10%
4. SRRKC Fund: 20% (to be donated to Kim Harris)
Tournament Coordinator: Big E
VHF Channel: 78
Weigh-in Time: 1-2pm
Weigh-in Location: Weems Creek

Severn River Demarcation Line: Tolly Point (land) to Hacketts Point (land) - includes Whitehall Bay and tributaries
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