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I took my niece and her boyfriend out with me on Thurs. and had one hell of a day.
First I only have a 19 1/2 ft. Center console. We went out OI to catch a few Blues and Spanish. We trolled the beach north for about three miles then picked up a tide line and followed it out.
About 1to 2 miles out we started picking up FAlse Albacore on gold Clark spoons. This was great fun til about 4 miles out we hooked something that we didn't expect. My niece was reeling in what we thought was an Albacore til the fish started to splash the surface about 50 ft away. I was joking saying that it looks like it has a bill but nobody took it serious til we got the fish up to the boat and found we had caught a BABY SAILFISH. ( Pictures WILL be posted as soon as I get them from my niece). We got the fish on board long enough to get some pictures and then released it. After that we were able to pick-up some small Dolphin about the same distance out.
We went again Friday (flat calm) went straight out about 5 miles and started to troll the Clarks again, got into the albacore again and even had few shots wiht my fly rod, hooked one but lost it when my line wrapped around the reel ( don't want to go into it).
While out we found Blue water and a weed line and saw what think was another baby sail feeding on the surface, tried to get whatever it was on everything we had. Came in early and was able to find some nice Spanish and blues off the beach around coquina.
I would have never in a million years thought that I would have caught a Sailfish or a dolphin on MY little boat that close to the shore. I still get excited just thinking about it.

Believe me or not I will post the photos as soon as I can!
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