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I'm attaching an e-mail I recently received from Brian McKinlay, an excellent salmon and sturgeon guide from Mission BC.
I've fished with Brian and can testify to his ethics and passion for sport fishing and the stewardship of our environment.
This is not just a "left coast" issue, nor just a Canadian or Alaskan issue.
With aquaculture already here (ie: clams, oysters, crayfish, finfish such as telapia, striped bass, cobia (read about Saltville Va) and others) we need to pay attention!

Good reading,


Hello everyone!
As you have all heard in the news there are serious concerns around fish farms(farmed Atlantic salmon) on the British Columbia coast.
It is now proven that current fish farming practices ARE causing the rapid decline in wild salmon stocks, mostly from sea lice infestation and disease. The collapse of these wild salmon stocks is responsible for the collapsing Killer whale numbers, First Nations food supply, 25,000+ jobs, and so on...
What can we do?
1. Do not eat or buy farmed salmon which is toxic to humans and the environment and commonly found in Sushi, grocery stores such as Safeway, Superstore, Save-On Foods. Many restaurants serve farmed salmon. Restaurants that serve Wild salmon will be proud to say so, if they say they dont know then it is farmed or they are lying. Do not order it and do not support such places until they change.
2. Sign the petitions that I will send your way from time to time. Write emails or letters to certain politicians.
3. Visit the websites below to get informed of this environmental nightmare.
4. tell your friends, and if they want to join my group 'Saving BC's Wild Salmon' on Facebook thats great too.
5. The USA is the main importer of BC Farmed salmon, lets forward this to all our friends and get this message all over the net, into the US, Europe etc !! The Salmon Farming industry is corrupt and is driven by ill informed consumers so the more people know the better chance we have to save BC's Wild heritage for future generations!

Some facts you need to know:
A biotoxin called 'Slice' is used in fish feed that has some very scary facts, learn more here:
Farmed and Dangerous - Chemical Treatments: SLICE

Orcas are now dying off because they are running out of food:
Missing endangered B.C. killer whales feared dead

Important links:
Georgia Strait Alliance | Caring for our coastal waters
Sustainable Seafood
Calling From The Coast » Latest Film- Lice Infestation of Fraser Sockeye
Our Global Ocean - Home
Farmed and Dangerous
Brian McKinlay, owner and head guide
Silversides Fishing Adventures - Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Trout
Vancouver and Mission, British Columbia.
(1)604-864-5445 mobile
Vancouver Fishing, Fraser River Fishing for Salmon Sturgeon Trout - Home Page
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