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Hi guys

I want to present you a very helpful database with a lot of informations all around saltwater fishing. On this database take part people from over 8 countries worldwide and I hope it can help you or give you some new ideas.

Let me present you some content examples:

General Fishing tutorials:
- Strip Baits for trolling
- Light Tackle Artificial Angling
- Jigging Basics

Tackle and Rig tutorials
- Jigging knots for dummies (there are many more knot-tutorials
- Shock leader

- Bearings - Grease and Repair tools
- SHIMANO Baitrunner - Cleaning the A-Series
- Accurate 12 Twin Drag ---and many more

Worldwide Fishing Reports
- Maui Hawaii Fishing Report
and many more....

Please excuse this little advert but the database is free for all (you don´t have to be a big-game-board-member) and there was a lot of work for all. So I hope you forgive us..... We think the "win" is great for you all.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas from Germany

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