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Got to Sandy Point at 9:00 am - plan to fish out going current. Tide was high and when I stepped off dock to let boat off trailer - stepped in a hole.

No photo description available.

Luckily I stumbled into the winch stand. I know these holes are around pilings and most times step off dock between the pilings. Not sure why the holes are not filled with stone.

With minor mishap behind me - got boat launched as friends Dan and Ed arrived. We headed out and found Spot in 18 feet on broken shell bottom. Another friend had bought bloodworms on Sunday from Clydes and only used two. He called me to see if I wanted them - hell yeah.

Cut one bloodworm into tiny pieces on the point of #4 hooks. Nice bite of Spot - we got about 25 or so. Current was moving - made few phone calls to see who was catching. Not much going on - moon was full night before.

Decided to try the bridge - only trouble it was very sunny with out going. I prefer morning incoming as this shades front of piling.

Anchored and noticed current breaking to east - odd since outgoing normally goes a kiss west due to coriolis effect. Had to re anchor and soon we were getting hits. First Rock was about 22 - the other ones 20 and about 21. Had a just legal but let it go since 8/0 circle was barely in lip.

With rock limit in cooler - went into shallows and anchored in shade trying for Perch with spot stripes. Got a few little ones as Rays circled around boat. Current slowed so we decided to go in.

Got back to ramp about 12:30 - easy day. Ed took the Rock and Dan headed home. It is no big deal to put boat on trailer alone but I appreciated the offer to help.

Just out of Sandy Point and charter captain called me - he snagged his anchor. I debated doing U turn but he had already cut rode and put jug on it.

I hope to dive for it tomorrow on slack current.
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