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Location: Sassafras River, Maryland

Date: 4/18/05

Weather: Sunny 84 degrees

Water Temp: 57.1-60.2 degrees at 3:00 PM

Water Color: Stained

Pattern: Shallow Wood

Baits Used: Terminator and Spotsticker Spinnerbaits, Daimon and Hammerhead jig with Paca Craw, Kid Lizard Creature on 3/8 ounce Tru-Tungsten weight in green.

We got to the Sassafras on the first part of the outgoing tide, and ran right up to Lloyd's creek, where we tried the cliffs, dock, and point first before running to the old retaining wall and shallow wood in back.
We picked up a nice bass in the dock of about 2 1/2 pounds on a jig, black/blue combo, with "Megastrike". We ran into the back and caught 3 bass on the white/chartreuse spinnerbait along the barge, (retaining wall), all going 3 pounds. We caught one more in the back of the creek in our never fail tree on a Kid Lizard bait with Tru-Tungsten weights, and it went 2.9 pounds.

We ran down to Turner's Creek and hit the point, and immediatyely caught 2 bass on the spinnerbait in the wood in about 2 feet of water on the falling tide. The first bass was caught and it went 3.6 pounds, and while we were landing it, Chuck Warren caught another out of the same tree that was a little over 3 pounds as well.

We moved to the docks across from the point but the bass just didn't seem to be on them yet, or at that tide.
We hit the point one more time and caught a beautiful bass that went 5.1 pounds on a spinnerbait.

We left after that at about 2:25 PM and pulled out to get back to the studio to do the radio show. Complete reports and interviews with Alex Langer and Tru-Tungsten's owner Tim Gregory are available on the radio show on Anglers Radio at www.anglersradio.com

Photos and a DVD and clip will be available soon, showing hook sets, fights, instructions, baits, locations, and more, all done with our new digital equipment and editing software. You will not be disappointed!

Visit us at www.reeltimeanglers.com for more information

Steve vonBrandt/Chuck Warren Owners
Anglers Radio and TV
S&K Guide Service
Co-Owner/Delaware Tackle/S&K Radio & TV
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