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We got the Sassafras River in Maryland today at 6:30 AM, and met one of our website members there in his Triton. After a brief conversation and some tips, we headed to Freeman's Creek.

The water temperatures ranged from 54-58 degrees, and it was muddy from the rains. The wind was 5-10 MPH, and the air temperature was only 40 degrees.

We started in the section of Freeman's where the pads and grass will be later on in June, as they don't come up in the upper bay rivers as soon as the Potomac. I was throwing a 5 Inch "Senko" with a 1/32 ounce weight, on the last 2 hours of the outgoing tide. Kurt vonBrandt was throwing a 1/4 ounce crankbait in Shad with a "Daiichi Bleeding Bait hook" on the front.

I caught the first bass of 2 1/2 pounds on the Senko from a laydown in the cove. After taking a few photos and releasing it, Kurt landed a nice largemouth in the back of the creek at the isolated dock, and it went 2.9 pounds. It came on the crankbait in 1 foot of water.

We left Freeman's and finished doing the filming for the new DVD's we are releasing later this year, and began fishing again in Lloyd's Creek at the dock near the mouth.

Kurt caught 2 small Stripers on the crankbait in the heavy current, and then a largemouth of 2.1 pounds in the laydowns along the same bank. We shot into the back of Lloyd's and caught one more bass of 3 pounds on the crankbait from the old seawall.

We left Llyod's after meeting up with our friend, and gave him a few "Yamamoto" baits to use before we had to leave at 12:30 PM. We quickly hit Turner's Point and caught a 2.3 pound bass from the laydown in Turner's.
That was the end of the day as we had to get back for a radio show and to get some sleep before leaving at 3:00 AM for the Potomac River tomorrow.

The Potomac will have some more pads and grass than the upper bay, and we expect to have a good report for Thursday when we return.
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