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Left slip in Lynnhaven at 6:30 wanted early start because according to WindGURU (my favorite web site for wind info) winds were going to shift from SW at 10 to N at 10 to 20 around 10:00. Got 2.5 miles off Cape Henry in time for sun rise. No birds, no bait and no marks...wasn't looking real good!! Put out a couple of strech 30's and Mojo w/parachute trailer. Trolled North to South in 70' of water. Caught 3 quality 37 to 40" fish in the first 45 min.. From the way it sounded on radio there wasn't alot of catching going on. We were all alone in that area trolling but could see a good size fleet building just north of us in the 35' of water on ridge or shoal or whatever that area is. Decided to check it out, just alot of boats not alot of fish. Trolled some more in original area when the wind switched(around 9:30 as predicted) to north. Needed one more for limit but decided to pack it up because winds were picking up. Home with fish cleaned by 11:30.
All fish caught on same rod with a red and white strech 30 in area with very few marks on screen. Didn't see a gannet hit the water all morning.
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