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I've been a member here for a little over a year and have learned a ton just by reading. This year I really wanted to put a big fish in the boat. Besides all the great info I have gotten here, I'd like to thank Capt. Greg Buckner, Petey at FishonTackle and the guy that works at Gander Mountain that fishs out of Colonial Beach. Advice is great, execution puts fish on.

Fished Saturday 23rd. Was on the water around 11AM. Trolled around St. Clemens island for a while then headed down towards the gas docks. The wind really started to pick up in the afternoon so we headed back up river on the Va side. Just north of Coles point I hooked up with a nice 38". 35' water, temp 57, on a chartreause 6 pack from Peteys. Pics taken, fish back in water and a few minutes later a 36" coming on board.

Thanks again for all the advice, people are reading and learning.


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