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Well I braved the cold, made my neighbors shake their heads and went out. Left out of Rock Hall around 7 with the air temp of 24.:eek2: I was doubting my own sanity too. Trolled Love point, nothing. Nice and calm so I headed to the BB. Decided to troll the last mile or so since I was getting good marks on the FF. I'd never trolled the Chesapeake before and being solo I eased into it. I trolled 3 lines. About 830 the tandem 6oz. chart takes a bow. I figured it was nothing but I'll check. I had it WTFB to get some depth. half way in I feel the head shake.:rockon: No way! I got her all the way in and started whooping it up. A 32" football.

I was almost initiated into the skunk of the month club, but can now say no thanks to the membership. I trolled the north side of the BB the rest of the morning with a lot of marks but no luck. I got crazy at one point and had 5 lines out, but when I got 2 knock downs at the same time, nothing on either one, went back to my 3 rod spread. All in all a beautiful day, and being dressed right made it fun. Maybe 1 more trip this year.;-)
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