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Hey, Well we went out in the soup, 3-4ft and the now and then $%$%$ swells, left lynhaven, ran out the lyvnhaven one and saw a bee hive of gannets working but only shoolies under them, 20-24'', roll down to the green can off the cape henry found better fish there untill about 10am and they cut off, Heard C-note say something about a good bite at Dam neck which is south of rudee off the golf ball( big water tower) and that is where the fish moved, we didn't make that run in these seas, but those with big boats did and it payed off with limmits and nice size fish. thats my report, Im looking for someone to go with after the 26th So any of u guys need a ho to fish with just leave a post here and I"ll get back merry xmas to all chris:thumbup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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