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Saturday was the day scheduled for my annual fishing charter with Kevin Josenhans along with my son and 2 other friends from the eastern shore. After Kevin verified that we did indeed want to fish the sporty weather (he gave us the chance to bail or reschedule), we agreed to meet at the Somers Cover boat ramp at 8am.

8am Saturday morning, no wind to be felt, around 30 degrees (BRR). The forecast was for 15-20mph winds from the SE gusting up to 25mph temps from 30-58.

After loading up we headed over to Smith Island to were Kevin was pretty sure we would find fish. The trip across Tangier sound was calm and dry, albeit cold. We wouldn't see the winds until around 10am.

Sure enough the first creek we hit had a clean water moving nicely on an outgoing tide and the fish were there. We had quite a few hookups with most of the fish in the 16-17 inch range we did manage 1 or 2 keepers at the first stop.

After a bit we moved on to another creek but the tide was too low to get in so we changed to a third location. At the third location Kevin did it again we were on lots of fish with a keeper or two mixed in. When the water started to become dirty Kevin moved us to another location which was as productive as the rest.

To end the day and bag our last couple of fish we ended up back in the area that had previously been too shallow to get into. This area produced our last few keeper fish just in time to head back across Tangier sound to Crisfield.

Fish were almost always caught in clean water with a decent current and usually near dropoffs and ledges or points.

This was my second charter with Kevin in so many years and I've learned quite a bit from him about where to seek the fish and light tackle jigging techniques to hook them up. This was the first trip with Kevin for my two friends however they both enjoyed themselves and learned a little as well. My son had never been on a charter trip and he enjoyed himself enough that maybe I can convince him to go out with me sometime, stranger things have happened.

All told it was a great trip on a crappy day, everyone was catching fish and enjoying themselves.

Thanks again Kevin for the great trip!

Sorry or rambling,
aka 1st_Timer
(wish I could change my handle the new boat isn't named 1st Timer anymore)
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