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Saturday 27th at 42/41 and all round

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Took the Fredericksburg crew Butch Harmon and Neil Sullivan out today - and hit 42 about 8:30. Trolled the spine, had several knock downs, no meat in the box. Went north of 42 thru the pea soup fog and picked up a nice 38" in 60 feet on a chartreuse stretch. Picked up another 25" on a daisy chain. For all of the great fishing advice I was liberally handing out, somehow I wound up with the smallest fish. Hmmmmmmm.

Did not see much bait all day, seems like they came to the mouth of the bay and saw a No Right Turn sign. Heard of a good bite early at 41 from several other boats so we headed over there at 2 - 3:30 caught a 22" but no bait no knock downs. Headed back in and proceeded to run my boat aground coming in to the Hole In The Wall. My excuse was that it was the lowest tide in ten years but my crew did not buy off on this and I am sure I will be hearing about this for a long time. Boat US leaped to my assistance and my embarassment only lasted about half hour. Came back in, cleaned fish, and was on the road by 5:30. Oh yeah, I had to throw away my map of fifteen years today as it seems that the only page missing was page 13 and we were in fog in that area all day. I need to get out more. Happy New year to all, they are out there, just doesn't seem to be much bait around to concentrate the fish.
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Glad to hear you caught some fish anyway. Sorry to hear about your mishap. Exactly where did you run aground? So far since moving by boat, I have been in and out of there 3 times and haven't had any problems yet. I do run the bouy's all the way and the new map GPS does a great job of showing the contour and depths. Did come up into some 4 foot water coming in last time but it was no problem. Going to try it one more time before the end of the year.
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