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We had the boat in the water at Somer's Cove Marina by 8am about midway through the falling tide. Winds all day were nearly non-existent and the water was like glass, a great day for my little 18' bow rider.

First we tried the channel that cuts into the back side of Jane's Island with no luck so we moved out to the sod banks around Jane's island, we worked our way from the North end South between about 9:30 am and Noon. At the same place we caught the fish a few weeks ago we found 4 keeper speckled trout. After the bite turned off (about the time the tide went completely slack), we headed into town to grab lunch.

After lunch we headed back out and decided to turn South and try what I believe are the Clump Island and Great Fox Island, we've never had luck there but they have promising characteristics (I think). No luck there we had a few hits but nothing would stick, then we noticed working birds south of Great Fox Island, after a few passes (motor upcurrent then drift int) the birds and fish wandered off but we did catch 15-20 small rock. Around the same time the fish and birds died out for the last time we also saw a pod of Dolphin pass by then circle back around about 300 yards away, probably had something to do with the fish going away.

Around 3pm we headed back to our previously productive spot to give it a try on an incoming tide, no luck there either so we called it a day.

A great day on the water even if I got skunked, the other two anglers on the boat pulled in some fish so it was worth it. I'm still trying to find a keeper rock, blue and flounder for my boat so I guess I just have to keep fishing :wink44:

Tony Prato caught 3 of the big spec including the biggest, Richard Q caught the other one. I had no luck on the specs but had the largest of the throwback rockfish.

Most of our rock were caught when we found some working birds some islands on spoons, rattletraps or leadheads w/ 4" shad. The spec were caught off sod bank on the outgoing tide on lead head lures with 4" shad (mostly chartreuse).

Results of fishing in Crisfield on 6/15/2013. 4 keeper speckled trout, biggest @ 25 inches, smallest @ 18". 15-20 small rockfish largest at 16".

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