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Pulled out of Breezy Point around 7 - 7:30, headed SE to 38 feet and started putting over planer boards and my 9 rod spread. I put out my typical spring time spread, but with a couple rods a little deeper. I fugured I was covering the water column from 8 feet to 30 feet. After an hour an half, the 1st fish hit the 150' 16 oz tandem off the transom. Real fat 39.5 incher. We were in 42' of water west of 78A. I continued trolling east/west zig zagging from 78 to just south of Breezy covering 75 - 40 feet of water. Caught 2 more 39 inchers on a deep umbrella rig working a pod of bait in 65 feet that took forever to find. Bait marks seemed scarce but finding a nice cloud was like hitting the jackpot. The bait I marked was deep, 35 - 40 feet down on my meter. I pulled the speed down to a crawl when I marked it to drop my lures down to them. That's a sweet feeling when you do that and hook up especially the 2nd time!! The 4th fish hit a tandem rig off the planer board and was also a nice fish around 22 pounds. It was very crowded out on the bay, reminded me of opening day in Spring.

So we caught 4 fish in 6 hours of trolling, that were all 39 inches. One had a 25 inch girth and had to be close to 25#. 2 released, 2 in the box. 2 on white umbrella, 2 on green tandems, 1 up high, 1 in the middle, 2 down deep.
Good Luck, stay warm! Don
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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