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Stopped at Marty's last night and Perch jerk hooked me up with some of mlag's old fashioned bloodworms (that actually bleed :D) Got out for some fishing this morning and finished the day with a 16 incher (released), 19 incher, and a 20 incher. The 16" & 19" were clean the 20 incher had flesh sores so I released him. Had what looked to be about a 24" up to the boat in the river that shook off before I could get the net. Still plenty of Blues around and the Spot seem to be holding for now which is a pleasant suprise! They were a little thin 2 weekends ago and I thought that was going to be the begining of the end. I fished west to east just below Sandy Point livelining. Here are a few pictures.


A baby caught while getting my spot

20" with more sores :rolleyes:


Ready to clean
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