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went out with two of my nephews( full of enthusiasm but not alot of help,yet, on trolling or driving)

Put out 5 rod spread..
wwb tandem bucktail w 6" chart shads..very productive
2 -3 way with 4" shad
2- 3 way with mojo droppers 6" trailers

Picked up two unders early..both went back..then the fun began with four knockdowns @ once...got two of these fish landed both fat around 24"

Several fish with lesions went back into the water

Left the crowds @ #10 and went home for lunch

Headed out again with ny nephews and my good luck charm my 20 month old son.... moved up river to #13..fished for an hour with the same spread and picked up two nice and fat 21" fish for the table

All fish caught in 30' of water....slow "s" turns and slow circling are the ticket!

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