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Well, I finally get a chance to post a report. Started the morning a little later than usual and bought some minnows for bait. Have to tell you, had a white knuckle ride to the lake and even had my truck side ways on the road with the boat trying to pass me.....Yep, hit some icy spots on the way up from Knightdale (definitely woke up the tractor-trailer driver coming the opposite direction). Also, had to jump-start the boat from one of my deep-cell batteries.....Yep, bet everyone has had days like this....
Anyway, launched at Rudds and went looking for birds. Found floating islands of them down from the bridges and not far from the launch; also went exploring and found them up near Panhandle creek. Fished P-handle creek for about an hour; marking lots and lots of bait and fish, but no takers. Went back to Butchers and spent the rest of the day there and ran very large S-turn patterns. Tried shallow skinny water with no takers, but birds working loosely (no tornadoes). Ended up watching the new fishfinder (still learning the settings) and figured I would trust in what it showed.....ended up catching four (all between 24" to 25-1/2" and fat), all from noon to 2:30pm. One caught on a free line and no weight, one on a board at 10 pulls and one big split, one on a cork at 8 pulls and one on a down rod. All caught in 50' of water, fish and bait pods hanging around 30-35 feet. Also caught one small cat.
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