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Hi Everyone

The Menhaden Coalition, a group of over 34 organizations, how has a new website. I ask you to visit the new site and check it out. Save Menhaden Website

A few highlights:

1) If/when you see the Omega menhaden fleet, please report the sightings on thet site. There is a link at the top of the page to post the reports. If you have pictures you should be able to post them, if not email me and I will add them.

2) At the top right you can sign up to be notified via email when new posts or updates are made.

3) Please link to the website from any website you have or are a member of. We need to drive as much awareness about the situation as possible to let the ASMFC and VIrginia legislature know that we as sportsmen/women are serious about having proper management of menhaden to assure we have forage fish for all the other fish species in the ocean. The link to link to is http://www.SaveMenhaden.org


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Great to hear that this important issue is showing up on ASMFC's radar. The political situation in Va will make this a real uphill battle to get Omega 3 to cut-back fishing in the Bay. Strange how this issue is handled by the Va legislature and not its fisheries managers. Don't want science involved with good sound (short term) business decisions.
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