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David and Stacy, thanks for your interest in our SC tournaments. We had 27 teams at the Lake Murray tournament. The weather was nice and we had a good tournament. Had 111 fish weighed in for a total of 268.14 pounds.
Ann and Ben Lee won with a total of 18.73 lbs;
Erick and Penny Grigg were second with 17.49 lbs;
Vernie and Janet Haltiwanger were third with 16.22 lbs;
J. B. and Tammy Wicker were fourth with 15.69 lbs.;
Derek and Suzanne Schlotterback were fifth with 14.94 lbs.
Tommy Lyles had men's big fish of 6.31 lbs.
Tammy Wicker had women's big fish of 4.99 lbs.
We had quite a number of new couples join us and all are looking forward to Keowee on April 1st. Come fish with us. Janette
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