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I purchased my current boat from the REPO man back in April. All in all the deal worked out great. I got just what I wanted and I paid far below retail even in todays market and comparable boats today are much higher priced than what I paid. I looked at lot of boats that matched what I wanted in the ad and when I went to look at the boat I saw how bad it was kept. There is a ton of beat up boats in the repo yard. Repo boats are a hard find but you just may find that one boat that is lightly used and a good deal. If you are looking online study the pictures they tell alot.

FYI the boat is on 06 with twin Yamaha 150's with 52hrs. No warrenty on the hull or motors. I did not need the sea trial (I wanted too) becuase I already knew how the boat preformed. I was able to get the boat inspected and with that knowledge I took the chance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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