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Our next SRRKC meeting will be our annual beach meeting to be held on Friday Evening September 9th from 6pm till 11pm. You can come earlier if you want, I'm sure we will be setting up and starting before 6pm. Believe it or not, I think this will be our 6th beach meeting. As always, Gary will be grilling an array of meats on a gas grill and a smoker. :yes:

You can come by car;
Arden on the Severn Beach 4
804 Valentine View
Crownsville, Maryland 21032

By Boat;
Where Valentine Creek and Plum Creek meet in the Severn River.

Like last year we will be shopping for the meats ahead of time. If you are wanting to bring something let me know and I will add it to a list. But if you don't no worries, I will have a contribution jar at the meeting to help pay for the food.

I will also have plenty of ice if needed.

I will list the names of those who will be attending and/or if you want to bring something. As always this is a bring your own drink of choice, No Bottles Please.

Looking forward to seeing everybody....So who's in?

Things To Do;
-Vote for August "Fisherman of the Month" so if you don't have your Aug fish posted, get them posted
-I will be accepting entries to the 2016 Rocktoberfest that will start Oct 1st to Oct 31th.
-I will have the SRRKC euro stickers available.
-I also have a couple SRRKC Hawg Troughs available

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List of Attendee's

-Rod & Kim
-Gary & Gina
-Danny & Stacy
-Jeff Mitchell
-Greg Millenburg...........Maybe
-Jeff Powell..................Maybe
-Skip & Lisa
-Rodney & Millie...........Au Gratin Potatoes
-John & Carol..............Cookies
-Brian Couch
-Brian Tsai..................Maybe
-Ralph & Gail
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