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Sharks in the surf

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a bit late on this one. the spinners/blacktips seem to have disappeared about 10 days ago, but there was a 400 lb bull shark caught in 7 ft of water off Singer Island.

**I tried to post a pic, but it was too large. Can someone tell me how to add a link. I have the pic saved on a listing website**
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I'm not sure how to add a link. What I do, is open the picture in Paint, then select "Image", then Skew/Stretch. Change 100% for both vertical and horizontal to 50% and save. The picture will be smaller and will probably meet the 45K standard. If not; go through the process again, but when you reduce this time, try 75% instead of 50% beacause you are shrinking the smaller pic.

Hope that helps.


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