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Would you or not?????


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No, plant lots of pretty flowers and kill him next year !!!!!!!
Sounds like a plan too me. He was a 7 pt last year....love the split G-2's
Id also wait til next year and see what he looks like.. cool pics!!
I would have to say he's a shooter myself to be honest. I'm sure he'd be larger next year but I can not say I'd let him pass! Good luck.
I all depends on how hungry you are when you are hunting that day.
At the drop of a hat...dont have a velvet one on the wall:yes:Not only that ....i'm a flower lover:D:D
Little late now but next year is a different story coming.
That looks very similar to a backyard buck I've been hunting. Where are you located?
What are you waiting for, chances are he will not make it to five years old hanging around back yards. (YES)
I can only hope he stays off the road for 1 more year....at 4 1/2 he is mine!!!
If that deer was in my BY I would wait for next year. Some other areas I hunt I would probably take him.
He is still kickin'....just hope for ligh traffic:)
I got a velvet one on my wall just like him. That aught to answer the question. If your yard was 200 acres I would wait.............Gary
Bow yes Gun let him grow up. looks like he has some great potential with 1 more year, has the width and height, just needs more mass for the gun
Sept. 15th he should be down

1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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