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Weird season so far. After losing 6 out of 11 rigs last week on a killer snag, re-tied them back up and headed out 0800 from Back Creek. As everyone noticed lots of pollen on the water and very brown coming out of the Severn. Stopped by the freighters to set out lines and look over to see my one planner board floating away. Inboard clip popped line off but I retrieved it quickly but felt like it was a bad omen so used outriggers and only 8 lines.

Found somewhat cleaner water on the east side between Matapeake and Bloody where many others were fishing. Good marks all around and was going to head south in hopes of water improvement when I noticed a school of birds sitting in about 65ft. Turned towards them and the white 12" spreader bar, with 6oz. purple/white/flash w/9"white shad boat rod out 140' goes down. Soon after green 6/4 oz. tandem boat rod out 120' bends over.

Lines in and back in slip by 1030. Guess tide was turning and fish were feeding under the birds so I will take lucky anytime. Over all, water is bad in the area and was much worse on western side with alot more debris. Seemed like alot of boats still working the area and the marks and I hope they had some luck. The reports south are much better as all can read. I am sure it will be different tomorrow but good luck to all.

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