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Subject: ARC News #117 -- Skill Development Clinics at Appomattox River Company in Kiln Creek

Skill Development Clinics Offered by the Appomattox River Company (ARC) and American Canoe Association Coastal and Traditional Skills Instructor, Victor Sorensen Cold Weather Paddling November 30th 6pm Signaling and Survival Equipment December 14th 6pm Topics will include trip planning, equipment checklists with required and recommended equipment, float plans, distress communications, garment layering combinations for cold weather paddling through the seasons, hypothermia...

This is a great chance to get gift ideas for a paddling partner, and learn how to prepare for trouble on the water before it happens. This is part of a continuing series of clinics offered at the Appomattox River Company's Kiln Creek (Yorktown VA) store to help kayakers improve their skills and share ideas. Watch for upcoming clinics on fundamentals of kayak navigation, packing for kayak camping and Traditional (Greenland) paddle rationale & history.

Fishing topics still to come include installing electronics, kayak fishing strategies, choosing equipment suitable for kayak fishing and tournament fishing. Prepared paddlers rarely face serious trouble on the water because they have taken the time to research and practice with their equipment, plan their trip, practice skills and rehearsed what to do in a distress situation.

Clinic participants will receive a 10% discount on accessories at Appomattox River Company during the clinic. Call the Appomattox River Company at (757) 890-0500.

For personal instruction check out Victor Sorensen at http://www.kayakinstruction.us/
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