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went out of bubbas with some eels trolled at cape henry to the ramada plenty of
gulls hitting the water and plenty of fish marked but no cigar .used a strecth IMATATOR
2 umbrella rigs and 28 oz 3 way with a live eel .i looked around late in the day
no boats to be found went to the 4a bouy and wham gull in a frency trolled through
em got a 34 incher then a 27 incher back in the water they went.one dodfish on the
eel its a shame it was beyound the 3 mile limit.got stopped there police said got
any fish nope there back in the water.he said you are not to target stripers beyound
the 3 mile limit at all and gave me a warning.only 3 boats out there and all got this
warning.i need to know i have noticed lots of trawlers neting fish off VA beach
within the 3 mile limit i know this is illegel they supposed to be netting outside
the 3 mile limit the police need to get them instead and give us guys a break
enail me at [email protected] with any comments about that
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