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The crew- captain jordan daneker 9(white bibs)
scott (ho) red jacket
Big scott (plaid shirt)
john ammons aka (camera man)

Well we got to the high rise around around 7:30 to a tide that was :nono: not so good haha decided to just kinda wait it out and fish around the pylons till the tide turned. scott pulled one on a float bout 20 feet down a nice 39 inch fish way to start the nite off so we were stoked cause we figure it was going be a hot nite tide had not turn yet so we figure we werent doing to bad tide turn and we got set up had 6 rods out 3 floats from bout 20ft to 35ft down and 3 lines down on the bottom guess who decide to show up for the party mr dog shark caught a couple of those then we had a nice 46 inch fattie take down are float scott managed to get him in pretty quick scott was stoked his face says it all it was his bigest striper in the bay and a possible weight citation the we battle the dogs agian the Big scott gets a nice fish on bottom 42 inch another possible citation put up a great fight his biggest rock in the bay so i had a happy crew and after that it went dead so we came on in bout 1 it was a slow nite for us but we managed some smiles and a good time:bigfish::thumbup:
Id also like to add if any off yall are looking for a good ho send scott a pm he did great and was an awsome ho to have (scottp) tidalfish name


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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