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Have to love cool morning in August - what a treat. Launched at Sandy Point at 7 am with fellow TFer REM1224 ( Ralph ). We headed out to look for Spot - out going current was just starting.

We tried near the bridge , we tried south of bridge , we tried in shallow , we tried in deep - you get the idea. Bay was all but flat.

Managed to get four - but all were perfect 4-6 inchers. Caught about 25 Perch as well. We took the Spot over to Sewer pipe and got few hits but no hook ups. Jason - Rocking Robin - was out and gave us about a dozen Spot :thumbup:. With new baits - we decided to run up to Podickery and try there.

Looked around the 25-35 foot edge - near chummers but far enough away not to bother them. We saw decent marks and anchored as incoming current was starting. Hard to believe but it was already after 2:00.

Took about 30 minutes but Ralph got nice 24 in the boat. I had hook up but fish had some sores so let the lip hooked 29-30 incher go. Hate to see sores on these fish.

Ralph got next one - about 26 incher. Current began moving nice and we had to reanchor as boat had swung. Saw this beast heading down the bay.

Set up a slip bobber rig and got nice hit but hook pulled loose - golly ( yeah right ). Only had few Spot left and got one more around 25 in cooler. Fellow TFer Scurvy Dog swung by and said Hi.

We were out of bait but since it was 5 pm on a Friday - did some searching with sidescan to let traffic clear - hopefully. It paid off with a very interesting find - not sure what it is but not on any charts.

Plan to dive it next week - feel like kid on Christmas Eve. We got back to ramp about 6:15 and headed home - saw traffic going east bound was a cluster f&^k due to tractor trailer jack knifed. Luckily - west bound was moving nicely.

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Great to see/talk to you and Ralph....and thanks for ALL of the "help"

My report pales in comparison...all shorts and very few at that :( Still a great day on the water with my brother.

What were those boats that looked like sailboats but had no masts? Saw 4 or 5 of them.
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