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Left solomons 6:45am. Cruised 25knts to the HI Bouy, Deployed the riggers and set out the spread as the fleet steamed right in after us. Winds picked up converging with the current to shake things up. Got a text message from Capt Kyle " are you catching?" I wasnt gonna even bother to answer that, my hands were a little busy and if I had the response would have been NO. The fleet slowly headed out of town with their limits as we couldnt buy a knock down. Grass on every line, every time in , managed two tangles the whole day. It was a tough day to fish the riggers:cool:. I tried bringing the spread in sending it out still nothing. The only thing that I can think of might be that I had to much weight, most of My tandems ranged from 6-4 to 8-4 although I did have a 2-2 and a 2-4 out. Dont know?:helpsmilie: Maybe I should have sent out some singles. One other thing was the water temps ,42 was the warmest I could find in 16.6 fathoms:D
Very nice ride home in a solid 2-3ft head chop:hammer: enjoyed some skunk beer with our new smelly friend.
Maybe next time and as my dear friend Billy says " sometimes your the windshield and sometimes your the Bug"

Btw this photo has nothing to do with today, its a pic of Paul (reeltor) from a trip we did a month or so ago. Just came across it today.
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