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left Norview at 6:00 am looking for 5-10. Was met with 15-20. i knew the report had changed but was hoping it was a mistake. NOT!
Made it to 2R and trolled around marking bait every now and the. No bites. Decided to bust my way to Smith Point and was rewarded with a 36" 18.5lb fish for my 11 year old mate. Trolled for a few more hours and he decided he had had enough. Stopped south of 59A and found some marks and dropped them over to take a peak. !st mate said he had enough but would give me 15 min. Snagged 3 more 20", 24", and 28 on the mark and we were gone. Great day for a young fisherman. All fish came on the (Ihate to say it) one of those 25 things.
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