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Snood Fest V Feb. 22, 2009
Yes it's 2009 not 2008,,,I typed the wrong year in the title,,Sorry:confused:

SnoodFest is an annual gathering of the TF Crabbing Board membership at the Harewood Park Community hall off Ebeneezer Road (near Chase, MD) every Feb.
We gather there to share crabbing experiences, techniques, stories, etc., to learn what's new on the crabbing scene, to feast on some of MD's finest delicacies and to break the winter boredom.
Generally around a hundred people show up (give or take another hundred or so) and everyone has a great time.
There are many members of this board with many years of crabbing experience, both recreational and commercial, and a wealth of information they are willing to share. We learned a lot at the last events and hope to learn more again this year.
No one leaves without learning something they find of value to themselves.
We have show and tell sessions and various demonstrations all relating to crabbing. There's opportunities to purchase materials for our favorite sport such as Soft Lay, Bungee, Topless traps, baskets, etc., etc.
It's the perfect opportunity to put a face to a name and make new friends and greet old friends.
Some bring projects they are working on ....
Some bring problems they need help in solving...
Just about everyone brings a covered dish of some kind for all to share.
Everyone is expected to bring their own beverage and to pitch in at clean-up time at the close of the event.

Since the hall is rented the event is held rain or shine.
We always seem to have an awesome menu of various seafood items and wild game as well as many delicious desserts.
It's an event that you don't want to miss

Details:Who-all TF members and their guestsCost- $10.00 donation per adult to help defray expenses and hall rental cost. Children under 18 years of age are admitted free.
Refreshments- We ask that you pitch in for refreshments & food . By bringing something to share.(covered dish,or something for the grill or dessert or whatever your specialty ?) We are planning on having Oysters & Clams again this year. ---don't forget it is BYOB

When- Sunday, February 22, 2009 1pm till???Where-Harewood Community Hall- (this is the same location that the Crabfest was held)

Address is:

12940 Community Dr.Middle River Md. 21220

Driving Directions:

From I-95 north or south
Take exit 67A to Rt. 43 E, Whitemarsh Blvd to Rt. 40 E
Rte 40 E towards Aberdeen/Edgewood
Right on Ebenezer Rd. (1st red-light)
3.5 mi to Harewood Rd.
Left on Harewood Rd.
.5 mi to Harewood Park Dr.
Left on Harewood Park Dr.
Harewood Park Dr. will end at Community Dr.
Hall is at intersection , blue building

Time-1 pm til ??

REFRESHMENTS!!-No Gathering of this important Magnitude would be complete without Refreshments- (Pitch in and BYOB) last years menu included raw & steamed oysters & clams, steamed shrimp, homemade crab soup, homemade BBQ, hamburgers & hot dogs, deep fried turkey, venison, and many other goodies- I will post a separate menu thread to develop a menu.
See http://www.tidalfish.com/forums/crabbers/253287-snood-fest-v-menu-sign-up-list.html

Some of the topics included will be:Snood construction and snood line building-a demonstration and hands on look at the construction and use of Snood lines-the type that the commercial crabbers use- Crab trap building and rigging-various styles and methods of making your own crab traps and floats and how to rig them.Crab Pot Making-(Beer Keg Steamers) a Beer Keg steamer capable of holding 1 bu. of crabs at a time.

The following items will be on display:

Commercial trot line - Boats and related gear (Bring your rig and show it off!)
Various trot line floats
Various trap floats
Various nets
Various Trot line rollers (AKA prop sticks)
Various trot line weights
Mounted crab display

If you have a favorite crabbing item or gadget or gizmo by all means bring it to show!!

Let us know what other topics you want to have featured.
We will attempt to include as many as time will allow.

Please do not relpy to this post.For signup reply to the thread Titled"Snoodfest Menu & signup" link is below signup early because we are limited by hall size to 140 persons

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Latest Update,
Please do not respond to this thread,
please reply to the Menu & signup Thread
Snood Fest VI Menu & Sign Up List
February 22 2009

Please use this thread for the development of the snoodfest Menu & Signup I will edit this thread as the Menu develops. Signup early as we are limited to 140 by hall size

For more details see the thread titled
Snood Fest VI Snood Fest VI Feb. 22, 2008 (note:I typed the wrong year in the title it should read 2009)

This is is a pitch-in affair, we ask that you bring something to share, & don't forget it is BYOB, (soda & beer0

Available onsite will be kitchen facilities (Small) & Grill (large)

Sugested menu items -these were only some of the items that I remembered from last year
Burgers, dogs ,sausages or other items for the grill, there were some real good items on the grill last year I remember Italian sausages, seasoned pork loin, goose breast with jalapeño & bacon to name a few….-
Appetizers- there were too many for me to remember, but there was old bay wings & hot wings, & various cheese platters & other assorted appetizers
BBQ & Chili, Meatballs of several different makes.
Home made Crab soup & Seafood Stew.
Salads- several different types of home made salads, Macaroni , Potato, Etc.
Deserts - too many to list & all very good.
Anything else that may be your specialty.

condiments & paper & plasticware will be provided

Chincoteague Oysters & Clams, Raw & Steamed--again let me know how many are wanting so I can obtain enough

We ask that you signup in advance & let me know what you are bringing & also let me know if you would like oysters & clams so that I may obtain enough

Either send me a Bmail or reply here..

Here's how it's shaping up:
Member...........# attending........Bringing......................... Oysters & Clams
RJ - --------------------2--------Oysters,Clams-----------------------------yes
Polecat----------------- 2-------Baked Pineapple/Cheese dessert ----------- yes
Normag----------------10--------crab soup-------------------------------- yes
Daleg47----------------4---------Crab soup---------------------------------Yes
John Brunozi------------2---------Deviled eggs--crab dip---------------------Yes
Baldpate----------------1--------Marinated Goose---------------------------yes
Jim Rockfish--------------1-------Smoked ribs--------------------------------yes
Burchbeer----------------1-------Somethin' dead-----------------------------yes
Crabby&son---------------2------Bacon wraped Tenderloin& sausages---------yes
Timbass-------------------1-------Polish Dogs & rollls-------------------------yes
Trapshoot-----------------2-------Desert (cake)------------------------------yes
Bow movements-----------2-------Beer---------------------------------------yes
Crabber5-----------------3-------Deer Bologna-veggie rolls--------------------yes
blamb--------------------3--------Dessert-apple pie--------------------------Yes
Capt Nick----------------1-------Blackened shrimp----------------------------yes
War Horse---------------2-------Onion dip-salad or desert--------------------yes
John Yurch---------------1-------Desert-------------------------------------yes
Jim Arehns----------------2-------Meatballs----------------------------------yes
Dennis1--------------------1------Pulled Pork & rolls--------------------------Yes
Mike Burgess----------------3-----Meatballs & sausage------------------------Yes
Bill Swartz Jr-----------------2-----Casserole, cake-----------------------------Yes
Born2 crab-------------------4------Something for the grill-----------------------yes
scotty80--------------------4-----crabsoup,deviled eggs.coleslaw----------------yes

Please do not respond to this thread,
please reply to the Menu & signup Thread

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reply on other thread. Hope you make it!

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Yes it is Jerry, yes it is.

I wish you luck as you venture west! Mary?>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:rolleyes:
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