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Well this is how it went down fishing-wise for me last week in So. Florida.... My guide in the Keys had an infection that swelled up his hand three times it's normal size so that deal wasn't going to happen. He's a great guy though and met me at the dock at 6am. after calling me to tell me the scoop. I hooked up with an alternate guide who took me out for a couple of hours basically for free. Not good. Wind 15-20 and we saw only one guy hook up with one small Tarpon. But hey... I figure God's got a plan and I'm not going to mess with it.

The fishing ju-ju was on at my brother's lake however. These are just two of the many Peacocks caught in one afternoon. This LMB was a first-cast fish that kicked-off the day. [smile]

I was hoping to run into some of the resident carp I see whenever I'm there but they were off doing their Carpy things that Carp do I guess. The Peacocks however were spawning and I've never seen them in such numbers and so aggressive. [excited]

This one destroyed my popper:

Like an idiot I lost a couple of fish while I was trying to videotape the fight with my camera in one hand and a fish at the other. The fish were making a mess of the lake with the mud flying around. A neighbor's dog heard the noise and came over to check it out. Soon he was barking at the fish or and/or me. I really do love thoe Peacocks! Kind of make me wonder why I ever left Miami [sad].

All in all I had some great fishing!! I'll be back down in the Keys in July with the guide.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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