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If they are using the area day in and day out, I would follow Choptank's advice (and the guy hunts almost everyday, so he knows a thing or two).

Steel kills, but not as hard as non-toxs. My favorite is Fasteel, stuff is relatively inexpensive, and LETHAL.

As far as baiting, its a good strategy, you just can't shoot it, You are not allowed to shoot a baited spot until 10 days after all the bait is gone. But it would work as far as building up numbers, just a dozen birds will get shot off quick. Bait them until you are ready to shoot and you may create a spot that residents and non-residents key on, but it will take you well into the 3rd split as Big Eye suggests. If you were to do that, bait until Thanksgiving, then quit, and opening day of the 3rd split, nail them. If it works out, birds should still use the pond even after being shot a few times.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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