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The most important thing, as with migratory waterfowl.......is the birds 'have to want to be there'.

These summer birds dont have any real needs.......dont need food, water, or friends......probably still in family groups.

If they are using a field or pond on a regular basis......you got them.

Decoys should be used to steer them into range and take their eyes off of your concealed location.......resident geese dont get any easier.

The problem with resident geese, is that they are too low. They will land in a hurry so if you cant kill them with steel (or any shot) you need some time at the trap and skeet range as distances should not be an issue.

The issue of overhunting them will always be a problem that is tough to answer, as other factors could still screw up your easy hunts.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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