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It got really itchy to get out and practice my Fly Casting. So I decided to not take the Yak out today and so I put on my Waders and went down to the island. I wanted to go to the end by the CBL but the tide was high so I went to the beach. I had on a couple of layers of clothes and my waders. I put on my gear pack and grabbed my Fly Rod and went in. It was FREEZING!!!:eek: but it felt good to be out on the water fishing again. The cold didnt really bother me for the first 45min. I checked my watch to look at the time and noticed my hands were turning purple. I decided to come in. I knew that I was not going to catch anything but I just loved being out for the first time in a month or to. What a day. I also got to try out a few flies for the first time.

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