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Put in at Solomons 7am to find large bait being driven into the air no more than 100 yards from the ramp area. Nailed a nice fat 24" striper on a top water about 30 feet off the shore in about 4-5 feet of water. Could have kept this fish, but he was a little bit dirty and figured I'd put him back... didn't know that would be the last striper of the day. We struck out on finding more stripers and since I don't know the area all that well, it just made more sense to relax, have fun, and take what came our way.

The rest of the day was bluefish heaven. Pretty much it was watch for boiling and watch for birds and run around and chase your tail until you finally got within casting distance of the school. Sometimes this took a while, sometimes it didn't. They were on the move and so were we with NE pushing us pretty hard all day. We found them in the deep parts of the river heading out early, then it really heated up out in the mainstem later in the deep channel areas approaching the eastern shore. Great class of bluefish and loads of fun on light tackle. We even got a few on the fly rod which was a hoot.

I'll finish with two key phases : "Small steel liters", "Strike King Zulus and Crazy Glue"... Don't leave home without them :thumbup:



Steve F, I was looking forward to calling you to see how your day was going up north, but forgot to program your number in my phone... my bad :eek:o

Also, I hate reports without pictures, but my wife took the digital camera last minute... so no pictures :((
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