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Fished dawn to 9:30 which met the criteria weather wise for comfortable boat handling on the solo troll.

Setup in the following between HI and 72B. Deployed the planers and the outside lines and had let out the to WWB 200 when the SB planer gets hit.. NICE fish, I felt the pull on the stout rod. Shortly after the other outside line pulls the clip, I wound it in the rod holder while keeping pressure on #1 but he got off quickly.

Brought the fish to the boat, nicely hooked for a box fish 41.5 w/lice

sm 4 arm umb no weight back 125 on Dacron 30lb.

Wind kicked up right on time, sure was nice seeing the gannets.

This CB fall fishery will most likely be the best present I didn't think to ask for..
hands down. Hard to put the boat away when it's this good so close to home.

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